Shuang Wan

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We study the Cramer-Rao bounds of parameter estimation and coherence performance for the next generation radar (NGR). In order to enhance the performance of NGR, the signal model of NGR with master-slave architecture based on a single pulse is extended to the case of pulse trains, in which multiple pulses are emitted from all sensors and then integrated(More)
We describe a minimally invasive arthrodesis technique using an arthroscope and fixation with headless screws. From February 2007 to March 2010, we treated 11 thumbs in 11 patients with posttraumatic carpometacarpal joint osteoarthritis. All patients reported pain at the thumb carpometacarpal joint. Preoperatively, mean grip and pinch strength was 38 and(More)
The statistical angular resolution limit (RL) of two closely-spaced point sources in array processing is analyzed based on the framework of hypothesis test. For the first time, the general case where neither the source signals nor the parameters of interest are known under both the null hypothesis and the alternative is considered. Using the theory of(More)
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