Shuang Ma

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To pose like a fashion model and to take professional grade photo are always two challenging tasks, especially for novice users. Pose Maker, an innovative system for pose and photo composition recommendation and synthesis, is developed in this work. Given a user-provided clothing color and gender, this system shall not only offer some suitable poses, but(More)
In this paper, the systematic design of a space-time block code is considered for a wireless communication system with multiple transmitter-receiver antennas and flat fading, in which channel state information is completely unknown. From the viewpoint of blind signal processing, a necessary and sufficient condition is given for the unique identification of(More)
Capturing a professional like photo is always a challenging task, especially for novice users. This paper proposes a photography suggestion approach to assist users to take high visual quality photos with human in the scene. In this research, we first investigate a set of aesthetic composition rules and visual perception principles to construct an aesthetic(More)
The handling of twist-locks has been a heavy burden for the container industry. There have been many efforts in developing automated twist-lock handling solutions. To address this challenge, we are developing a customized mobile manipulator for twist-lock pose estimation and grasping. In this paper, we propose a 3D object recognition approach using Kernel(More)
Today, mobile users are struggling with accessing overloading and unstructured social media feeds on the severely constrained mobile display. To overcome the challenges associated with browsing social media feeds on mobile devices, we are developing an innovative scheme to automatically create and synthesize the mixed social media digest (pictures, texts(More)
To alleviate the adverse effect of the multipath fading, we need to estimate the required fading margin for the link budget analysis. Compared with the Monte Carlo simulations, the theoretical analysis can estimate the system performance more rapidly and precisely. This paper studies the outage performance for selection combining based on the generalized(More)