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The viscoelastic behavior of binderless carbon black compacts under dynamic compression (0.2–10.0 Hz, static strain 1.0–2.5%, deformation amplitude 9.4–16 lm and packing density 0.18–0.45 g/cm) is governed by the solid part of the compact, with the elastic character dominating the viscous character. The viscous character increases with increasing aggregate(More)
Microbial community structure and ecological functions are influenced by interactions between above and belowground biota. There is an urgent need for intensive monitoring of microbes feedback of soil micro-ecosystem for setting up a good agricultural practice. Recent researches have revealed that many soils characteristic can effect microbial community(More)
Microorganisms decompose organic substrates to obtain energy. This process releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and is the main cause of soil carbon release in terrestrial ecosystems. Fluctuations in microbial composition significantly affect net CO2 emissions in forests. Because factors are cross-correlated, addressing how they affect soil respiration (Rs), both(More)
A corrosion sensor for monitoring the corrosion state of cover mortar was developed. The sensor was tested in cement mortar, with and without the addition of chloride to simulate the adverse effects of chloride-contaminated environmental conditions on concrete structures. In brief, a linear polarization resistance method combined with an embeddable(More)
The method of fault diagnosis of rolling bearings based on wavelet packet transform and support vector machine is presented. The key to fault bearings diagnosis is feature extracting and feature classifying. Wavelet packet transform, as a new technique of signal processing, possesses excellent characteristic of time-frequency localization and is suitable(More)
In this work, we propose a framework to deal with cross-modal visuo-tactile object recognition. By cross-modal visuo-tactile object recognition, we mean that the object recognition algorithm is trained only with visual data and is able to recognize objects leveraging only tactile perception. The proposed cross-modal framework is constituted by three main(More)
The viscoelastic behavior of model sandy soils in the form of silica particle compacts under dynamic compression (0.2–10.0 Hz) is reported. The solid content ranges from 24 to 28% by volume, as controlled by compaction. Both viscous and elastic characters are largely governed by the solid part of the compact. The elastic character stems from the stiffness(More)