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This paper presents a novel block I/O scheduler specifically for SSDs. The scheduler leverages the internal rich parallelism resulting from SSD’s highly parallelized architecture. It speculatively divides the entire SSD space into different subregions and dispatches requests into those subregions in a roundrobin fashion at the Linux kernel block layer. In(More)
The ever-growing capacity and continuously-dropping price have enabled flash-based MLC SSDs to be widely deployed as large non-volatile cache for storage systems. As MLC SSDs become increasingly denser and largercapacity, more complex and complicated Error Correction Code (ECC) schemes are required to fight against the decreasing raw reliability associated(More)
Object tracking under complex circumstances is a challenging task because of background interference, obstacle occlusion, object deformation, etc. Given such conditions, robustly detecting, locating, and analyzing a target through single-feature representation are difficult tasks. Global features, such as color, are widely used in tracking, but may cause(More)
In order to enable multi-scale urban visualization, multiple model representations at different levels of detail (LoDs) need to be produced (like by generalization) in advance or on the fly. At local scale, building groups are involved and at least medium LoD is needed in terms of visual perception. Motivated by such demands, this article proposes a novel(More)
The luminescence, excited-state absorption, and singlet oxygen generation measurements were performed on three kinds of halogenated corroles: monohydroxyl halogenated corroles (Corrole-F, Corrole-Cl, Corrole-I), peripherally fluorine-substituted corroles (F0, F5, F10, F15), and gallium complexes (F10-Ga, F15-Ga). The fluorescence intensities progressively(More)
A novel compact ultrawideband (UWB) CPW-fed antenna with triple lower pass bands and dual notched bands for wireless applications is presented. The low-profile antenna comprises of an approximate hexagonal-shaped radiator for covering the UWB band (3.1 ∼ 10.8GHz). Triple lower pass bands, the 1.5 Gband, 1.8GHz GSM band and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth band, can be(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to quick reconstruction of cameras and quasi-dense geometry from unordered photos of a scene. With three reconstruction goals: reliable camera postures, high-density scene geometry, and a low cost of time, our approach consists of two stages: pairwise relating and two-tier reconstruction. At the first stage, to obtain(More)
We propose an effective scheme of shortcuts to adiabaticity for generating a three-dimensional entanglement of two atoms trapped in a cavity using the transitionless quantum driving (TQD) approach. The key point of this approach is to construct an effective Hamiltonian that drives the dynamics of a system along instantaneous eigenstates of a reference(More)
A novel planar antenna with WiMAX and WLAN bandnotched characteristics is presented for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications. The UWB antenna consists of a staircase-shaped radiating element, a microstrip feedline and a modified ground plane. To realize WiMAX band-notched characteristic, a pair of hook-shaped slots is etched on the radiating element. Two(More)