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Object tracking under complex circumstances is a challenging task because of background interference, obstacle occlusion, object deformation, etc. Given such conditions, robustly detecting, locating, and analyzing a target through single-feature representation are difficult tasks. Global features, such as color, are widely used in tracking, but may cause(More)
Interatomic interactions and ordering in fcc Ni-rich Ni-Re alloys are studied by means of first-principles methods combined with statistical mechanics simulations based on the Ising Hamiltonian. First-principles calculations are employed to obtain effective chemical and strain-induced interactions, as well as ordering energies and enthalpies of formation of(More)
The ever-growing capacity and continuously-dropping price have enabled flash-based MLC SSDs to be widely deployed as large non-volatile cache for storage systems. As MLC SSDs become increasingly denser and larger-capacity, more complex and complicated Error Correction Code (ECC) schemes are required to fight against the decreasing raw reliability associated(More)
Monoclonal antibodies have become a part of daily preparation technologies in many laboratories. Attempts have been made to apply monoclonal antibodies to open a new train of thought for clinical treatments of autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, cancer, and other immune-associated diseases. This paper is a prospective review to anticipate that(More)
A novel planar antenna with WiMAX and WLAN band-notched characteristics is presented for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications. The UWB antenna consists of a staircase-shaped radiating element, a microstrip feedline and a modified ground plane. To realize WiMAX band-notched characteristic, a pair of hook-shaped slots is etched on the radiating element. Two(More)
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