Shuang Cheng Li

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Support vector machine is an effective classification and regression method that uses machine learning theory to maximize the predictive accuracy while avoiding overfitting of data. L2 regularization has been commonly used. If the training dataset contains many noise variables, L1 regularization SVM will provide a better performance. However, both L1 and L2(More)
Eukaryotic ribosome biogenesis is a multistep process involving more than 150 biogenesis factors, which interact transiently with pre-ribosomal particles to promote their maturation. Some of these auxiliary proteins have been isolated in complexes found separate from the ribosomal environment. Among them, are 3 large UTP subcomplexes containing 6 or 7(More)
Gametophyte development is an important process in flowering plants. Seeds are the primary organs for harvesting, and therefore spikelet fertility is especially vital for rice yield. Here, we report the characterization and genetic mapping of a novel rice male and female sterile mutant, mfs1, which was generated from a transgenic line of japonica rice(More)
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