Shuaibing Lu

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With the development of network communicationtechnology, combination between network and automotiveelectronics industry has more and more extensively. The mainpoints on performance evaluation for this kind of multi-functionnetwork are bandwidth, resource utilization, security andreliability. Through the analysis of automotive electronicsnetwork topology and(More)
While high performance computing (HPC) is flourishing these years, the lack of HPC applications is increasingly serious. Conventional binary translation focused on desktop applications and embedded software, which could not be scaled up to HPC. This paper proposed a novel static binary translator MPI-QEMU aiming at MPI programs, the most commonly used on(More)
Along with the development of Internet applications, many kinds of network security issues become highlights. Customer confidentiality should be its highest priority for every Internet company. The network intrusion detection system as one of the key technology while auditing safely, is the important component of network safe protection. In this paper, we(More)
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