ShuaiShi Liu

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This paper describes a method for recognition of continuous facial expression change in video sequences. ASM automatically localizes the facial feature points in the first frame and then tracks the feature points through the video frames. After that the step is the selection of the 20 optimal key facial points, those which change the most with changes in(More)
The problem in parameter selection of least squares support vector machine (LS-SVM) restricts the development of LS-SVM, In order to choose the optimal parameters of LS-SVM automatically, we proposed an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm which can not only increase the convergent speed but also improve the overall searching ability of the(More)
The problem in accurate and fast face detection and tracking in video images with complex background is studied in this paper. In order to meet both of speed and accuracy, a face detection method integrating the skin color segmentation and Split up Sparse Network of Winnows (SNoW) is presented. This kind of method can not only utilize the advantage of skin(More)
A facial expression recognition method based on the fuzzy information fusion of the local features is proposed. Each original image is divided into many sub-images and all training sub-images from the same position construct a new training subset. The traditional PCA (principal component analysis) operates directly on a set of new training subsets(More)
Facial expression representation based on Gabor features has attracted more and more attention and achieved great success in facial expression recognition for some favorable attributes of Gabor wavelets such as spatial locality and orientation selectivity. A large number of Gabor features are produced with varying parameters in the position, scale and(More)
An improved reducing algorithm for rough set attributes has invented for answering the question of the excessive features vector dimensions. It obtains the local feature vector through geometric feature points. By introducing the rough set and improved reducing algorithm that it is able to select optimally among the existing expression features, also(More)
In this paper, we propose a new algorithm, feature perception algorithm (FPA), to deal with the problem that a single existing feature extraction algorithm cannot obtain the algebraic and geometric characteristics at the same time, and construct a non-linear feature perception (NLFP) by improving the linear ones, to perceive the feature. Meanwhile, based on(More)
With a mobile manipulator as the research object, a path planning method of mobile manipulator based on the representation space is proposed in this paper. The state space model of the mobile manipulator is defined and constructed in this method. According to internal mechanism and external environment constraints, the achievable stretch of system state is(More)
The work focus on the problem of tracking faces and facial actions based on Candide3 facial model. The main contribution of this paper is described as follows. First, a semi-automatic method is developed to initialize face model parameters. Second, an example-based learning method is utilized based on preliminary sample generating work using the(More)
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