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We develop a system to reconstruct the indoor 3D environment from a sequence of range images. The range images from different partial views of the environment are taken from a range camera while it is moving. The efficiency and accuracy of the 3D reconstruction heavily rely on the partial matching between two range images. We propose a depth-incorporated(More)
This paper presents a novel multi-frame graph matching algorithm for reliable partial alignments among point clouds. We use this algorithm to stitch frames for 3D environment reconstruction. The idea is to utilize both descriptor similarity and mutual spatial coherency of features existed in multiple frames to match these frames. The proposed multi-frame(More)
Recently, the widely use of time-of-flight sensors captures depth information for dynamic scenes in real time, which promotes the developing of many 3D image or video processing applications. However, such depth maps are noisy and have low resolutions. In this paper, we propose an edge-based depth map super-resolution method via solving a labeling(More)
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