Shuai Zheng

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The alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) is a powerful optimization solver in machine learning. Recently, stochastic ADMM has been integrated with variance reduction methods for stochastic gradient, leading to SAG-ADMM and SDCA-ADMM that have fast convergence rates and low iteration complexities. However, their space requirements can still be(More)
With the recent proliferation of large-scale learning problems, there have been a lot of interest on distributed machine learning algorithms, particularly those that are based on stochastic gradient descent (SGD) and its variants. However, existing algorithms either suffer from slow convergence due to the inherent variance of stochastic gradients, or have a(More)
In regularized risk minimization, the associated optimization problem becomes particularly difficult when both the loss and regularizer are nonsmooth. Existing approaches either have slow or unclear convergence properties, are restricted to limited problem subclasses, or require careful setting of a smoothing parameter. In this paper, we propose a(More)
In this demo paper we present a multiscale browsing interface for handheld devices, in which the user can interactively change the scale of the storyboard to easily adjust the amount of information desired. Conventional and hierarchical storyboards provide one or very few possible lengths. In contrast, scalable storyboards allow the number of images and the(More)
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