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While current biomedical ontology repositories offer primitive query capabilities, it is difficult or cumbersome to support ontology based semantic queries directly in semantically annotated biomedical databases. The problem may be largely attributed to the mismatch between the models of the ontologies and the databases, and the mismatch between the query(More)
To facilitate the process of extracting information from narrative medical reports and transforming extracted data into standardized structured forms, we present an interactive, incrementally learning based information extraction system - ASLForm. ASLForm provides users a convenient interface that can be used as a simple data extraction and data entry(More)
BACKGROUND Extracting structured data from narrated medical reports is challenged by the complexity of heterogeneous structures and vocabularies and often requires significant manual effort. Traditional machine-based approaches lack the capability to take user feedbacks for improving the extraction algorithm in real time. OBJECTIVE Our goal was to provide(More)
BACKGROUND Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is increasingly being performed in cardiac catheterization laboratories using transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) to guide valve deployment. The risk of paravalvular regurgitation (PVR) remains a concern. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 454 consecutive patients (mean age, 82 ± 8; 58% male) who(More)
BACKGROUND Structural reporting enables semantic understanding and prompt retrieval of clinical findings about patients. While synoptic pathology reporting provides templates for data entries, information in pathology reports remains primarily in narrative free text form. Extracting data of interest from narrative pathology reports could significantly(More)
Herein we report an atom- and step-economic aromatic cyanoalkylation reaction that employs nitriles as building blocks and proceeds through Csp(2)-H and Csp(3)-H bond activation steps mediated by Ni(III). In addition to cyanomethylation with MeCN, regioselective α-cyanoalkylation was observed with various nitrile substrates to generate secondary and(More)
A series of organometallic Ni(II) and Ni(III) complexes supported by tertadendate (R)N3C(-) ligands were synthesized and fully characterized using X-ray crystallography, CV, and EPR. Based on the solid state structures, the substituents on the two amine N-donors significantly affect the coordination of the Ni(III) centers, while the para substituents of the(More)
The prevalence of medical report standards and structured reporting systems reflects the increasing demand for representing and preserving medical and clinical data with controlled vocabularies in well structured format. Strictly formatted medical reports offer high human readability and facilitate further data processing, such as querying, statistical(More)
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