Shuai Yi

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Pedestrian behavior modeling and analysis is important for crowd scene understanding and has various applications in video surveillance. Stationary crowd groups are a key factor influencing pedestrian walking patterns but was largely ignored in literature. In this paper, a novel model is proposed for pedestrian behavior modeling by including stationary(More)
We tackle stationary crowd analysis in this paper, which is similarly important as modeling mobile groups in crowd scenes and finds many applications in surveillance. Our key contribution is to propose a robust algorithm of estimating how long a foreground pixel becomes stationary. It is much more challenging than only subtracting background because failure(More)
Detecting stationary crowd groups and analyzing their behaviors have important applications in crowd video surveillance, but have rarely been studied. The contributions of this paper are in two aspects. First, a stationary crowd detection algorithm is proposed to estimate the stationary time of foreground pixels. It employs spatial-temporal filtering and(More)
Preparation of nanomaterials with various morphologies and exploiting their novel physical properties are of vital importance in nanoscientific field. Similarly to the III-N compound semiconductors, Si3N4 nanostructures also could be potentially used for making optoelectronic devices. In this paper, we report on an improved Fe-catalyzed chemical vapour(More)
Calcium hexaluminate (CA6) was incorporated into the matrix of magnesio aluminate spinel-alumina (MA-A) via infiltration of a porous preform fabricated from α-Al2O3 and MgO powders with a saturated calcium acetate solution and subsequent firing, forming CA6/(MA-A) functionally composites with graded fracture toughness. Actually, the porous preform was(More)
In this paper, we target on the problem of estimating the statistic of pedestrian travel time within a period from an entrance to a destination in a crowded scene. Such estimation is based on the global distributions of crowd densities and velocities instead of complete trajectories of pedestrians, which cannot be obtained in crowded scenes. The proposed(More)
PURPOSE It was reported that halofuginone has inhibitory effects on transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) signaling pathway. The study was aimed to: 1) evaluate the antitumor effects of halofuginone in combination with radiation therapy; and 2) preliminarily explore the possible mechanisms associated with these effects. MATERIALS AND METHODS Lewis lung(More)
Automatic reassembly of log file fragments from a collection of mixed fragments is one of the most important process during log file carving. In this paper we propose a general process model and design an algorithm based on graph theory for automatic reassembly of log file fragments. Finally, an experiment is designed and explored and results demonstrated(More)
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