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One way of geocoding a remote sensing image is to register it to an existing orthoimage. A multi-sensor and multi-resolution remote sensing image sub-pixel registration scheme is proposed in this paper. In this registration scheme, point feature, three image matching algorithms (ICM, PRM, ISM) and three constraints (APC, CDM, ICC) are used. They guarantee(More)
Bivariate shrinkage functions (bsf) statistically denoted as joint probability density functions (pdf) and noise pdf, can be united by MAP to denoise image. Because the intensity of speckle in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image is hypothesized to be distributed according to Rayleigh distribution, SAR image denoising modal based on bsf and dual-tree(More)
Three-line-array CCD camera was used to obtain images of lunar surface in the first step of China's lunar exploration - Chang'e-1(CE-1). This paper studied the imaging model of CE-1 CCD image, first analysed the exterior orientation elements of collinearity condition equations were multicollinearity in calculation, and the generalized ridge estimatation was(More)
Non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) learns to approximate a non-negative matrix by the product of two lowerrank non-negative matrices. Since NMF usually learns sparse representation,it has been widely used in pattern recognition and data mining. However, NMF cannot deal with the datasets that contain offsets. To remedy this problem, Laurberg and Hansen(More)
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