Shuai Xin

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We showed previously that the calcineurin B subunit (CnB) plays an important role in activation of peritoneal macrophage, but the underlying mechanism remained unknown. To examine whether there is a CnB receptor on peritoneal macrophages, we performed the radioligand binding assay of receptors. The receptor saturation binding curve demonstrated(More)
We showed previously that calcineurin B subunit (CnB) could inhibit S180 solid tumor growth in mice and prolong the survival of mice bearing H22 ascites tumors, but the underlying antitumor mechanism remained unclear. Here, we report that the calcineurin B subunit binds to CD11b on RAW264.7 macrophages and induces TRAIL expression and NF-κB activation in a(More)
Calcineurin is the only Ca(2+) /calmodulin-dependent serine/threonine protein phosphatase. The roles of the cytosolic calcineurin have been well researched; however, the roles of the serum calcineurin remain unknown. Here, we report that the recombinant human calcineurin B subunit (CnB) can bind to rabbit platelets and show an antiplatelet aggregation(More)
In this paper, we aimed to verify the emotional facilitation effect in the picture-word interference task using event-related potentials. Twenty-one healthy subjects were asked to categorize the emotional valences of pictures accompanied by emotionally congruent, either centrally or laterally positioned Chinese words. For both the foveal and lateral word(More)
In this study, we conducted a new approach to determine whether the P600 could reflect the presence of unexpected phonology. In the experiment, the critical Chinese characters in the poems are either original or substituted by homophones or synonyms. The N400 effect is observed only under the homophonic condition. Late positive shifts are revealed under(More)
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