Shuai Xiao

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The current Kinect system extracts human skeletons from depth images by supervised learning methods, which require a large number of marker-based motion capture data for training. However, with limited budget, motion capture devices are not available and motion capture data is difficult to collect. In this paper, we propose a unsupervised skeletonization(More)
Merger and Acquisition (M&A) has been a critical practice about corporate restructuring. Previous studies are mostly devoted to evaluating the suit-ability of M&A between a pair of investor and target company, or a target company for its propensity of being acquired. This paper focuses on the dual problem of predicting an investor's prospective M&A based on(More)
Evaluating a scientist's past and future potential impact is key in decision making concerning with recruitment and funding, and is increasingly linked to publication citation count. Meanwhile, timely identifying those valuable work with great potential before they receive wide recognition and become highly cited papers is both useful for readers and(More)
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