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Tracking discourse complexity preceding Alzheimer's disease diagnosis: a case study comparing the press conferences of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.
Changes in some lexical features of language have been associated with the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease. Here we describe a method to extract key features from discourse transcripts,Expand
Experiments on Auditory-Visual Perception of Sentences by Users of Unilateral, Bimodal, and Bilateral Cochlear Implants.
Purpose Five experiments probed auditory-visual (AV) understanding of sentences by users of cochlear implants (CIs). Method Sentence material was presented in auditory (A), visual (V), and AV testExpand
Adaptation assessment of gob-side entry retaining based on geological factors
Abstract The technique of gob-side entry retaining has been widely used in underground coal seam mining, where the headgate of current panel is retained and reused for adjacent next panel mining. ToExpand
Attitudes toward science among grades 3 through 12 Arab students in Qatar: findings from a cross-sectional national study
ABSTRACT This study assessed students’ attitudes toward science in Qatar. A cross-sectional, nationwide probability sample representing all students enrolled in grades 3 through 12 in the variousExpand
Underactuated robotics: A review
Underactuated robotics is an emerging research direction in the field of robotics. Expand
Detecting nondeterministic payment bugs in Ethereum smart contracts
In this paper, we introduce a methodical approach to understanding the inherent nondeterminism in the Ethereum blockchain system and its (unwanted) influence on contract payments. Expand
Product environmental footprints assessment for product life cycle
The paper is devoted to PEF assessment for product life cycle, which includes 10 steps, i.e. functional unit selection, system boundary determination, impact types selection, data collection, impact Types classification, impacttypes characterization,impact types of PEF calculation. Expand
Moving with and without music : scaling and lapsing in time in the performance of contemporary dance
TIME-KEEPING A MONG DANCERS WAS I NVESTIGA TED by measuring a dancer’s movement in the presence and absence of music. If an internal clock was at work, then change from the ideal would manifest asExpand
Local Indicator of Colocation Quotient with a Statistical Significance Test: Examining Spatial Association of Crime and Facilities
A simulation-based statistical test for the local indicator of colocation quotient (LCLQ). Expand
Product carbon footprint across sustainable supply chain
Abstract As the supply chain has an important impact on product carbon footprint (PCF), it is a crucial issue to estimate PCF across sustainable supply chain (SSC). As the current researches alwaysExpand