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Soft errors induced by energetic particle strikes in on-chip cache memories have become an increasing challenge in designing new generation reliable microprocessors. Previous efforts have exploited information redundancy via parity/ECC codings or cacheline duplication for information integrity in on-chip cache memories. Due to various performance,(More)
Protecting the register value and its data buses is crucial to reliable computing in high-performance microprocessors due to the increasing susceptibility of CMOS circuitry to soft errors induced by high-energy particle strikes. Since the register file is in the critical path of the processor pipeline, any reliable design that increases either the pressure(More)
A temperate haloarchaeal virus, SNJ1, was induced from the lysogenic host, Natrinema sp. J7-1, with mitomycin C, and the virus produced plaques on lawns of Natrinema sp. J7-2. Optimization of the induction conditions allowed us to increase the titer from ~10(4) PFU/ml to ~10(11) PFU/ml. Single-step growth curves exhibited a burst size of ~100 PFU/cell. The(More)
In this paper we report on our plagiarism detection system which is used to process the PAN plagiarism corpus for the tasks of Candidate Document Retrieval and Detailed Comparison. To retrieve the plagiarism candidate document by using ChatNoir API, a method based on tf*idf to extract the keywords of suspicious documents as queries is proposed. An Lucene(More)
Test prioritization is crucial for testing products in a product line considering limited budget in terms of available time and resources. In general, it is not practically feasible to execute all the possible test cases and so, ordering test case execution permits test engineers to discover faults earlier in the testing process. An efficient prioritization(More)
Recent work has shown that wireless links are not independent, and that transmissions from a transmitter to multiple receivers are correlated. This finding has profound implications for the performance of network protocols such as broadcast, multicast, opportunistic routing, and network coding. In this paper, we show how link correlation can significantly(More)
The matrix barcodes known as Quick Response (QR) codes are rapidly becoming pervasive in urban environments around the world. QR codes are used to represent data, such as a web address, in a compact form that can be readily scanned and parsed by consumer mobile devices. They are popular with marketers because of their ease in deployment and use. However,(More)
Recent empirical studies have shown clear evidence that wireless links are not independent and that the packet receptions on adjacent wireless links are correlated. This finding contradicts the widely held link-independence assumption in the calculation of the core metric, i.e., the expected number of transmissions to the candidate forwarder set, in(More)
The responses of aboveground parts of the forest to changes in environmental factors and stand age is well studied, but the same is not true for the belowground parts of the forest. Two plantation black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) forest sites were taken in the Loess Plateau of China, one in the drier, infertile, more sandy area of the middle Loess(More)
Mutations in KRAS oncogene are recognized biomarkers that predict lack of response to anti- epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) antibody therapies. However, some patients with KRAS wild-type tumors still do not respond, so other downstream mutations in BRAF, PIK3CA and NRAS should be investigated. Herein we used direct sequencing to analyze mutation(More)