Shuai Tao

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An infrared ceiling sensor network system is reported in this study to realize behavior analysis and fall detection of a single person in the home environment. The sensors output multiple binary sequences from which we know the existence/non-existence of persons under the sensors. The short duration averages of the binary responses are shown to be able to(More)
As different chips are stacked together in 3D ICs, the power/ground (P/G) network simulation becomes more challenging than that of 2D cases. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical simulation method suitable for 3D P/G network (HS3DPG), which can ensure full parallelism and good scalability with the number of tiers. In the IR drop analysis, when there are(More)
Person authentication and activities analysis are indispensable for providing various personalized services in a smart home/office environment. In this study, we introduce a person localization algorithm using an infrared ceiling sensor network, and realize person authenti-cation anywhere and anytime. The key problem is how to distinguish different persons(More)
In this study, we introduce two methods for indoor localization of person by using an infrared ceiling sensor network, then the performances of them are compared. Through experiments we see that the nonlinear method for person localization obtains better performance. Based on the nonlinear person localization method, we recorded the Activities of Daily(More)
A new kind of mu-synthesis controller design method of mixed uncertainty model was presented and proved from test results based on one flexible plate with which was bonded with piezoelectric actuators and sensors. Firstly, the MIMO transfer function model and the state space model of the vibration system were identified by the multivariable frequency-domain(More)
Focusing on the carrier frequency recovery problem of PSK signals with low SNR and large frequency offset, an improved frequency estimator was proposed. Its estimation range is as large as a half symbol rate and its accuracy is close to MCRB. The analysis are confirmed by simulation.
The role of hepatocyte nuclear factor 1α (HNF1α) in the regulation of gene expression and replication of hepatitis B virus (HBV) is not fully understood. Previous reports have documented the induction of the expression of viral large surface protein (LHBs) by HNF1α through activating viral Sp1 promoter. Large amount of LHBs can block the secretion of(More)