Shuai Tao

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An infrared ceiling sensor network system is reported in this study to realize behavior analysis and fall detection of a single person in the home environment. The sensors output multiple binary sequences from which we know the existence/non-existence of persons under the sensors. The short duration averages of the binary responses are shown to be able to(More)
— As different tiers are stacked together in 3-D integrated circuits, the power/ground (P/G) network simulation becomes more challenging than that of 2-D cases. In this brief, we propose a hierarchical simulation method suitable for 3-D P/G network (HS3-DPG), which takes advantage of the inherent hierarchical structure of 3-D P/G network. The port(More)
Person authentication and activities analysis are indispensable for providing various personalized services in a smart home/office environment. In this study, we introduce a person localization algorithm using an infrared ceiling sensor network, and realize person authenti-cation anywhere and anytime. The key problem is how to distinguish different persons(More)
Entry inhibitors are promising novel antivirals against hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. The existing potential entry inhibitors have targeted the cellular receptor(s). In this study, we aim to develop the first entry inhibitor that inhibits HBV infection via targeting viral particles. The preS1 segment of the large envelope glycoprotein of HBV is(More)
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) takes humans as its sole natural host, and productive infection in vivo is restricted exclusively to hepatocytes in the liver. Consequently, HBV-derived viral vectors are attractive candidates for liver-targeting gene therapies. Previously, we developed a novel recombinant HBV vector, designated 5c3c, from a highly replicative(More)