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Fault Detection for Modular Multilevel Converters Based on Sliding Mode Observer
This letter presents a fault detection method for modular multilevel converters which is capable of locating a faulty semiconductor switching device in the circuit. The proposed fault detectionExpand
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Decoupling economic growth from carbon dioxide emissions in China: A sectoral factor decomposition analysis
China is facing the dilemma of how to coordinate economic development and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction. This paper investigates the decoupling effect of economic growth from CO2 emissionsExpand
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Robustness Analysis and Experimental Validation of a Fault Detection and Isolation Method for the Modular Multilevel Converter
This paper presents a fault detection and isolation (FDI) method for open-circuit faults of power semiconductor devices in a modular multilevel converter (MMC). The proposed FDI method is simple withExpand
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A Three-Phase Modular Multilevel DC–DC Converter for Power Electronic Transformer Applications
A three-phase modular multilevel dc–dc converter is proposed and analyzed for power electronic transformer (PET) applications. Similar to a dual active bridge converter, the proposed converterExpand
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Item-Level RFID Tag Location Sensing Utilizing Reader Antenna Spatial Diversity
A robust estimation procedure for sensing the locations of passive UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) tags is introduced based on spatial deployment of the reader antennas for maximum signalExpand
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How to achieve the 2030 CO2 emission-reduction targets for China's industrial sector: Retrospective decomposition and prospective trajectories
Abstract The Chinese government actively follows the low-carbon development pattern and has set the definite targets of reducing carbon emissions by 2030. The industrial sector plays a significantExpand
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Design Approach for Robust UHF RFID Tag Antennas Mounted on a Plurality of Dielectric Surfaces [Antenna Designer's Notebook]
A design approach is presented for passive UHF RFID tag antennas to function efficiently when mounted on a wide variety of dielectric materials of arbitrary thickness. It is well understood that theExpand
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Decoupling CO2 emissions and industrial growth in China over 1993–2013: The role of investment
Since industrial sector is a leading energy consumer and CO2 emitter in China, the degree of the decoupling of CO2 emissions and industrial growth plays a critical role in realizing theExpand
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Broadband Textile-Based Passive UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Elastic Material
We present a broadband textile-based UHF RFID tag antenna. Its wide bandwidth makes the tag less susceptible to objects and materials in the vicinity. Also high conductive textile material (E-fiber)Expand
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Survey of Turbo, LDPC, and Polar Decoder ASIC Implementations
Channel coding may be viewed as the best-informed and most potent component of cellular communication systems, which is used for correcting the transmission errors inflicted by noise, interference,Expand
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