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The robustness of complex networks against node failure and malicious attack has been of interest for decades, while most of the research has focused on random attack or hub-targeted attack. In many real-world scenarios, however, attacks are neither random nor hub-targeted, but localized, where a group of neighboring nodes in a network are attacked and(More)
The small size of ultra-small nanoparticles makes them suitable for lymphatic delivery, and many recent studies have examined their role in anti-metastasis therapy. However, the anti-metastatic efficacy of small-sized nanocarriers loaded with taxanes such as docetaxel has not yet been investigated in malignant breast cancer. We encapsulated docetaxel using(More)
Tree peony (Paeonia section Moutan DC.) is known for its excellent ornamental and medicinal values. In 2011, seeds from P. ostii have been identified as novel resource of α-linolenic acid (ALA) for seed oil production and development in China. However, the molecular mechanism on biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids in tree peony seeds remains unknown.(More)
In 1998, Lin presented a conjecture on a class of ternary sequences with ideal 2-level autocor-relation in his Ph.D thesis. Those sequences have a very simple structure, i.e., their trace representation has two trace monomial terms. In this paper, we present a proof for the conjecture. The mathematical tools employed are the second-order multiplexing(More)
Gene expression programming (GEP) is a functional genotype/phenotype system. The separation scheme increases the efficiency and reliability of GEP. However, the computational cost increases considerably with the expansion of the scale of problems. In this paper, we introduce a GPU-accelerated hybrid variant of GEP named pGEP (parallel GEP). In order to find(More)
— An RF energy harvesting and storage system is described that trickle charges a battery from incident power levels as low as-25 dBm referred to the feedpoint of an 8 dBi patch antenna. The circuit is optimized for the indoor ambient power range typically observed in the 2.4 GHz ISM band so that we can harvest the energy provided by nearby Wi-Fi, Bluetooth(More)
—In order to investigate the performance of visual feature extraction method for automatic image annotation, three visual feature extraction methods, namely discrete cosine transform , Gabor transform and discrete wavelet transform, are studied in this paper. These three methods are used to extract low-level visual feature vectors from images in a given(More)
For any bent function, it is very interesting to determine its dual function because the dual function is also bent in certain cases. For k odd and gcd(n, k) = 1, it is known that the Coulter-Matthews bent function f (x) = T r(ax 3 k +1 2) is weakly regular bent over F3n , where a ∈ F * 3 n , and T r(·) : F3n → F3 is the trace function. In this paper, we(More)