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As important zoonotic organisms causing infections in humans, Edwardsiella bacteria are also notorious leading fish pathogens haunting worldwide aquaculture industries. However, the taxa are now widely recognized to be misclassified, which hurdled the understanding of the epidemiology and development of effective diagnostics and vaccines. Currently the(More)
Many smart card based remote authentication schemes have been proposed to preserve user privacy against eavesdropper. However, none of the exiting scheme provides both users’ anonymity to server and traceability to the malicious user. In this paper, we present a scheme that preserve user anonymity not only against outside attackers, but also against the(More)
With the release of up-to-date Low-Power (LP) bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Technologies are not only widely deployed on personal area devices such as the smart phone, the headset, the intelligent health-care equipment etc., but also are recommended as a standard communication protocol in the Internet of Things. However, due to the inherent limitation in the(More)
This paper presents a fault detection and isolation (FDI) method for a Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC). This method can locate an open-circuit faulty device accurately and quickly. Based on a sliding mode observer (SMO) and a switching model of a half bridge, the approach is to assume the location of the fault, modify the observer equation and then(More)
Gene expression programming (GEP) is a functional genotype/phenotype system. The separation scheme increases the efficiency and reliability of GEP. However, the computational cost increases considerably with the expansion of the scale of problems. In this paper, we introduce a GPU-accelerated hybrid variant of GEP named pGEP (parallel GEP). In order to find(More)
AIM Ran binding protein M (RanBPM) is a ubiquitous, nucleocytoplasmic protein that serves as a scaffolding molecule. This study aimed to investigate the role of RanBPM in gastric cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS RanBPM expression in human gastric cancer tissue samples was analyzed using real-time polymerase chain reaction. The effect of RanBPM on cellular(More)
Psoriasis is characterized by resistance to infections, which is regulated by antimicrobial proteins. Whether antimicrobial proteins play a pathogenic role in psoriasis remains unclear. In this study, we aimed to elucidate the role of lipocalin-2 (Lcn2), an antimicrobial protein, in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Our results showed that Lcn2 was highly(More)
Edwardsiella tarda is an important cause of haemorrhagic septicaemia in fish and also of gastro- and extra-intestinal infections in humans. We have recently demonstrated that the PhoP-PhoQ two-component regulatory system plays important roles in both virulence and stress tolerance in E. tarda. In this study, the proteomes of the WT and phoP mutant strains(More)
Socio-economic networks are of central importance in economic life. We develop a method of identifying and studying motifs in socio-economic networks by focusing on “dynamic motifs,” i.e., evolutionary connection patterns that, because of “node acquaintances” in the network, occur much more frequently than random patterns. We examine two evolving bi-partite(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the flavonoids of Erigeron canadensis. METHOD The constituents of EtOH extraction from the whole plant of E. canadensis were isolated and purified by repeated column chromatography. These compounds were identified by their physical and spectral data. RESULT Twelve flavonoids were isolated and identified as(More)