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Clustering, or transitivity, a behavior observed in real-world networks, affects network structure and function. This property has been studied extensively, but most of this research has been limited to clustering in single networks. The effect of clustering on the robustness of coupled networks, on the other hand, has received much less attention. Only the(More)
Cryptographic misuse affects a sizeable portion of Android applications. However, there is only an empirical study that has been made about this problem. In this paper, we perform a systematic analysis on the cryptographic misuse, build the cryptographic misuse vulnerability model and implement a prototype tool Crypto Misuse Analyser (CMA). The CMA can(More)
With the release of up-to-date Low-Power (LP) bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Technologies are not only widely deployed on personal area devices such as the smart phone, the headset, the intelligent health-care equipment etc., but also are recommended as a standard communication protocol in the Internet of Things. However, due to the inherent limitation in the(More)
The delivery of therapeutic compounds to target tissues is a central challenge in treating disease. Externally controlled drug release systems hold potential to selectively enhance localized delivery. Here we describe liposomes doped with porphyrin-phospholipid that are permeabilized directly by near-infrared light. Molecular dynamics simulations identified(More)
Hexamodal imaging using simple nanoparticles is demonstrated. Porphyrin-phospholipids are used to coat upconversion nanoparticles in order to generate a new biocompatible material. The nanoparticles are characterized in vitro and in vivo for imaging via fluorescence, upconversion, positron emission tomography, computed tomography, Cerenkov luminescence, and(More)
Stealth liposomes can be used to extend the blood circulation time of encapsulated therapeutics. Inclusion of 2 molar % porphyrin-phospholipid (PoP) imparted optimal near infrared (NIR) light-triggered release of doxorubicin (Dox) from conventional sterically stabilized stealth liposomes. The type and amount of PoP affected drug loading, serum stability and(More)
This paper presents a fault detection and isolation (FDI) method for a Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC). This method can locate an open-circuit faulty device accurately and quickly. Based on a sliding mode observer (SMO) and a switching model of a half bridge, the approach is to assume the location of the fault, modify the observer equation and then(More)
Methods to attach polypeptides to lipid bilayers are often indirect and ineffective, and can represent a substantial bottleneck in the formation of functionalized lipid-based materials. Although the polyhistidine tag (his-tag) has been transformative in its simplicity and efficacy in binding to immobilized metals, the successful application of this approach(More)
The robustness of complex networks against node failure and malicious attack has been of interest for decades, while most of the research has focused on random attack or hub-targeted attack. In many real-world scenarios, however, attacks are neither random nor hub-targeted, but localized, where a group of neighboring nodes in a network are attacked and(More)