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This paper is designed to solve the problem of state feedback control for a class of switched linear system with time-delay independent. The aim is that the system is closed-loop stable under control with arbitrary switching rules and all the eigenvalues of each sub-system locate in the area we assigned. First, LMI method is presented to solve the problem(More)
Recommender systems are an important kind of learning systems, which can be achieved by latent-factor (LF)-based collaborative filtering (CF) with high efficiency and scalability. LF-based CF models rely on an optimization process with respect to some desired latent features; however, most of them employ first-order optimization algorithms, e.g., gradient(More)
Matrix inversion often arises in the fields of science and engineering. Many models for matrix inversion usually assume that the solving process is free of noises or that the denoising has been conducted before the computation. However, time is precious for the real-time-varying matrix inversion in practice, and any preprocessing for noise reduction may(More)
Protein-protein interactions are the basis of biological functions, and studying these interactions on a molecular level is of crucial importance for understanding the functionality of a living cell. During the past decade, biosensors have emerged as an important tool for the high-throughput identification of proteins and their interactions. However, the(More)
The extreme learning machine (ELM) has drawn insensitive research attentions due to its effectiveness in solving many machine learning problems. However, the matrix inversion operation involved in the algorithm is computational prohibitive and limits the wide applications of ELM in many scenarios. To overcome this problem, in this paper, we propose an(More)
Collaborative filtering (CF)-based recommenders are achieved by matrix factorization (MF) to obtain high prediction accuracy and scalability. Most current MF-based models, however, are static ones that cannot adapt to incremental user feedbacks. This work aims to develop a general, incremental- and-static-combined scheme for MF-based CF to obtain highly(More)
Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF)-based models possess fine representativeness of a target matrix, which is critically important in collaborative filtering (CF)-based recommender systems. However, current NMF-based CF recommenders suffer from the problem of high computational and storage complexity, as well as slow convergence rate, which prevents them(More)
Redundancy resolution is a critical problem in the control of robotic manipulators. Recurrent neural networks (RNNs), as inherently parallel processing models for time-sequence processing, are potentially applicable for the motion control of manipulators. However, the development of neural models for high-accuracy and real-time control is a challenging(More)