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Converter transformers play a critical role in HVDC power transmission system. Space charge is a general concern for dielectric system under DC field. In this paper, the space charge behavior in a sandwiched oil-pressboard insulation system has been investigated using the pulsed electro-acoustic (PEA) method. The presence of homo-charges in the pressboards(More)
Bushing and barrier system are the critical components in ultra high voltage (UHV) converter transformer for safe operation. Electric field distributions within bushing and barrier system are complicated in UHV converter transformer under combined AC and DC voltages, which, as a consequence, results in some technical difficulties in insulation structure(More)
The design and manufacture of XLPE insulation HVDC cable joint is a challenge because the internal electric field distribution of the joint insulation can be affected by several factors and therefore is difficult to do accurate calculation. In this paper, the electric field distribution of cable joint fabricated with different silicone rubbers as reinforced(More)
Space charge will accumulate within polyethylene when stressed under DC high voltage, and a temperature gradient will form throughout the insulation when a HVDC cable is in service. Previous research has revealed that temperature gradient can enhance hetero charge accumulation at the low temperature end, but the high temperature only helps a small quantity(More)
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