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In this paper, a new model on the capacity of error-correcting codes (EEC)-based information hiding is proposed. The theoretical derivation and solution of the model in ideal state (complete error correction circumstances) and non-ideal state (incomplete error-correcting circumstances) is given based on analyzing rationale of EEC-based information hiding(More)
This research aims at developing a practical content-based video copy detection scheme, which employs an efficient and effective content matching approach to help determine whether an investigated video is a duplicated copy and may infringe the copyright. In the proposed scheme, the key frames of videos are first retrieved and the methods of Vector(More)
The control method of an opposed hydraulic free piston engine was proposed. Grey model prediction can provide better performance in piston position control. The piston motion on one side influences that of the other side. A satisfactory synchronization of the compression stroke can be achieved. Better real-time control performance was obtained in the(More)
Dissipation behaviors and residues of carbendazim and diethofencarb in combination in tomato were investigated. The half-lives were 2.1-3.4 days for carbendazim, and 1.8-3.2 days for diethofencarb at a dose of 1.5 times of the recommended dosage. The residues of carbendazim and diethofencarb were below the maximum residue limits (MRLs) in China one day(More)
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