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BACKGROUND Small RNA-mediated gene silencing plays evolutionarily conserved roles in gene regulation and defense against invasive nucleic acids. Virus-derived small interfering RNAs (vsiRNAs) are one of the key elements involved in RNA silencing-based antiviral activities in plant and insect. vsiRNAs produced after viruses infecting hosts from a single(More)
BACKGROUND The present study examined the role of microRNA (miR)-96 in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) invasion. METHODS The expression of miR-96 was detected by quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction in human RCC cell lines with high (Caki-1) and low (786-O) metastatic potential. Invasive ability and Ezrin expression were assessed in(More)
The chemical 3-hydroxypropionate (3HP) is an important starting reagent for the commercial synthesis of specialty chemicals. In this study, a part of the 3-hydroxypropionate/4-hydroxybutyrate cycle from Metallosphaera sedula was utilized for 3HP production. To study the basic biochemistry of this pathway, an in vitro-reconstituted system was established(More)
The advent of next generation sequencing technology has allowed for significant advances in plant virus discovery, particularly for identification of covert viruses and previously undescribed viruses. The Citrus limon Burm. f. (C. limon) is a small evergreen tree native to Asia, and . China is the world’s top lemon-producing nation. In this work, lemon(More)
BACKGROUND At present, there are two main types of lung cancer xenograft models: those derived from stable cell lines, and patient-derived xenograft models established by surgically resected tissues. However, these animal models may not reflect the biological and genetic characteristics of advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). We utilized(More)
A novel potyvirus was discovered in pecan (Carya illinoensis) showing leaf mosaic symptom through the use of deep sequencing of small RNAs. The complete genome of this virus was determined to comprise of 9,310 nucleotides (nt), and shared 24.0% to 58.9% nucleotide similarities with that of other Potyviridae viruses. The genome was deduced to encode a single(More)
The inverse problem considered here is the estimation of the distribution of a nonobserved random variable X, linked through a time-consuming physical model H to some noisy observed data Y. Bayesian inference is considered to account for prior expert knowledge on X in a small sample size setting. A Metropolis-Hastings-within-Gibbs algorithm is used to(More)
The widespread use of mobile devices in digital community has promoted the variety of data collecting methods. However, the privacy of individuals plays an important role in data processing or data transmission, and such information should be protected. In this paper, (α, k)-anonymity model, a widely used privacy-preserving model, is adopted as a security(More)