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Intraclass correlation coefficients are designed to assess consistency or conformity between two or more quantitative measurements. When multistage cluster sampling is implemented, no methods are readily available to estimate intraclass correlations of binomial-distributed outcomes within a cluster. Because statistical distribution of the intraclass(More)
This paper presents a novel active contour tracking method, which is used to estimate the non-grid deformation of the motion target and can get the accurate contour of the tracked target. In the proposed method, level set is employed to represent the target region. By using Bhattacharyya similarity as a metric, the proposed method aims at finding a best(More)
Phenolics contents in wine grapes are key indicators for assessing ripeness. Near-infrared hyperspectral images during ripening have been explored to achieve an effective method for predicting phenolics contents. Principal component regression (PCR), partial least squares regression (PLSR) and support vector regression (SVR) models were built, respectively.(More)
An algorithm of adaptive deformation estimation of moving object in mean-shift tracking method is developed. Firstly, the differences between object and background in the weight image associated with the target candidate region are analyzed. By their different distributions, the area estimation of the target is converted into the task of image segmentation.(More)
The aim of this study was to demonstrate the capability of hyperspectral imaging in predicting anthocyanin content changes in wine grapes during ripening. One hundred twenty groups of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were collected periodically after veraison. The hyperspectral images were recorded by a hyperspectral imaging system with a spectral range from 900(More)
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