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Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy method was introduced to measure the lignin content in Acacia species. Acid-soluble lignin, Klason lignin, and total lignin contents from 78 wood meal samples of Acacia spp. trees grown in Guangxi province with different ages, height, and families were measured by wet chemistry. NIR spectra were also collected using a Bruker(More)
The rise of frame theory in appled mathematics is due to the flexibility and redundancy of frames. Structured frames are much easier to construct than Structured orthonormal bases. In this work, the notion of the ternary generalized multiresolution structure (TGMS) of subspace 2 3 ( ) L R is proposed, which is the generalization of the ternary frame(More)
As a pulp bleaching agent, dimethyldioxirane (DMD) is effective and selective. In this study, it was employed as a delignifying agent or as an activating agent for hydrogen peroxide treatment in bleaching acetategrade pulp. Brightness, kappa number, degree of polymerization (DP), and alpha-cellulose content were evaluated to determine the optimal charges of(More)
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