Shu-zhi Wang

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BACKGROUND Antireflux stents that prevent duodenal biliary reflux may improve biliary drainage and prolong stent patency. However, the use of antireflux metal stents (ARMSs) in the human biliary system has not been reported. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety and efficacy of ARMSs for the palliation of unresectable distal biliary malignancies. DESIGN AND(More)
Previous studies reported that Naja naja atra venom (NNAV) inhibited inflammation and adjuvant arthritis. Here we investigated the role of NNAV in regulation of immune responses in mice. Oral administration of NNAV to normal mice showed significant increase in natural killer cell activity, B lymphocyte proliferation stimulated by lipopolysaccharides, and(More)
This study investigated the effects of Naja naja atra venom (NNAV) on acute and chronic nephropathy in rats. Rats received 6 mg/kg adriamycin (ADR) once to evoke the chronic nephropathy or 8 ml/kg 50% v/v glycerol to produce acute renal failure (ARF). The NNAV was given orally once a day starting five days prior to ADR or glycerol injection and continued to(More)
Previous studies reported the oral administration of Naja naja atra venom (NNAV) reduced adriamycin-induced chronic kidney damage. This study investigated the effects of intragastric administrated cardiotoxin from Naja naja atra venom on chronic kidney disease in rats. Wistar rats were injected with adriamycin (ADR; 6 mg/kg body weight) via the tail vein to(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to investigate multi-slice CT contrast-enhanced presentation of gastric cancer and its correlation with histo-differentiation and p53 and P-glycoprotein (P-gp) expression. METHODS Sixty-six patients with gastric cancer in the present study underwent a multi-slice CT preoperative routine and dual-phase contrast-enhanced(More)
Cardiotoxin (CTX) from Naja naja atra venom (NNAV) reportedly had analgesic effect in animal models but its role in inflammation and arthritis was unknown. In this study, we investigated the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiarthritic actions of orally administered CTX-IV isolated from NNAV on rodent models of inflammation and adjuvant arthritis. CTX(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies reported that Naja naja atra venom (NNAV) regulated immune function and had a therapeutic effect on adjunctive arthritis and nephropathy. We hypothesized that NNAV and its active component, neurotoxin (NTX), might inhibit skin allograft rejection. METHODS Skin allografts were used to induce immune rejection in rats. In addition,(More)
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) becomes a global health problem with high morbidity and mortality. Adriamycin- (ADR-) induced rodent chronic nephropathy is a classic experimental model of human minimal lesion nephrotic syndrome. The present study investigated the effect of cobrotoxin (CTX) on ADR-induced nephropathy. Rats were given 6 mg/kg ADR once through(More)
OBJECTIVE To elucidate the reconstruction of neovascularization that occurred in the superiorly and inferiorly based posterior pharyngeal flaps in different time postoperatively. METHODS Ten mongrel dogs were randomly divided into two experimental groups, which were performed superiorly or inferiorly based posterior pharyngeal flap surgery respectively.(More)