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Abietane diterpenoids from Clerodendrum bungei.
Five new naturally occurring abietane diterpenoids (1-5) along with three known diterpenoids (6-8) were isolated from an acetone-soluble extract of the roots of Clerodendrum bungei. The structures of
Caesalminaxins A-L, cassane diterpenoids from the seeds of Caesalpinia minax.
Fourteen new cassane diterpenoids, caesalminaxins A-L (1-14), and three known compounds were isolated from the seeds of Caesalpinia minax, and compounds 3 and 4 possess a rare spiro C/D ring system.
Three Novel Compounds from the Flowers of Bombax malabaricum
Two unusual 9′-norneolignans, bombasin (1) and bombasin 4-O-β-glucoside (2), and a novel D-gulono-γ-lactone derivative, bombalin (3), were isolated from the flowers of Bombax malabaricum, together
Guanidine alkaloids from Plumbago zeylanica.
Eleven new guanidine alkaloids, plumbagines A-G and plumbagosides A-D (9-12), as well as two known analogues (1, 13), were isolated from the aerial parts of Plumbago zeylanica by spectroscopic analyses.
Identification of Cyclic Depsipeptides and Their Dedicated Synthetase from Hapsidospora irregularis.
A comparison of the structures of leualacin and its analogues indicated that the A2 and A4 domains of the leUALacin synthetase are substrate specific, while A1, A3, and A5 can accept alternative precursors to yield new molecules.
Cytotoxic terpenoids from the fruits of Vitex trifolia L.
All these compounds exhibited inhibition of Hela cell proliferation, with IC50 values in the range of 4-28 microM, and induced cell cycle G0/G1 phase arrest and apoptosis of HelA cells.
Chemical constituents from Clerodendrum bungei and their cytotoxic activities.
A new phenylethanoid glycoside, two new cyclohexylethanoids, one new phenolic glycoside, and a new farnesane-type sesquiterpenoid, namely 2-phenylethyl 3-O-(6-deoxy-a-l-mannopyranosyl)-b-d-
[Study on the chemical constituents from Rumex japonicus Houtt].
The task provided evidence for the exploitation and utilization of this plant resources and identified two compounds that were isolated from the acrtone extract of the roots and identified as emodin and rutin.