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BACKGROUND Activation of amoeboid microglial cells (AMC) and its related inflammatory response have been linked to the periventricular white matter damage after hypoxia in neonatal brain. Hypoxia increases free ATP in the brain and then induces various effects through ATP receptors. The present study explored the possible mechanism in ATP induced AMC(More)
The aim of this study is to establish a method to culture and purify cerebral astrocyte of tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri), a kind of new laboratorial animal which is a relative of primates. Newborn tree shrews were used in this experiment. The cortex of cerebrum was isolated and placed in 4°C for 20 min to injure neurons. The cortical tissue was(More)
The peptide apelin is expressed in the pulmonary vasculature and is involved in the pathogenesis of many cardiovascular diseases. It has a biphasic role in the regulation of vasomotor tone related to the vascular endothelium. In this study, we induced acute pulmonary embolism (APE) in dogs with autologous blood clots to assess the effect of apelin on(More)
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