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An UASB+Anoxic/Oxic (A/O) system was introduced to treat a mature landfill leachate with low carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and high ammonia concentration. To make the best use of the biodegradable COD in the leachate, the denitrification of NOx- -N in the recirculation effluent from the clarifier was carried out in the UASB. The results showed that most(More)
The mutations of ESR, PRLR and FSHR genes were investigated by SNP; 103 F2 sows were slaughtered and their reproductive organs were determined; the litter size of sow was recorded. The linkage between mutations of genes and size of reproductive organ, litter size was analyzed. The results revealed: these sows that could provide more piglets with bigger(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the chemical constituents of the Ixeris chinensis . METHODS The constituents were isolated by silica gel column chromatography, HPLC and recrystallization and their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectral analysis. RESULTS Fifteen compounds were isolated and identified as Methyl-4-hydroxyphenylacetate (1), Daucosterol (2),(More)
The chemical constituents from Euphorbia lunulata was investigated in this paper. Fourteen compounds were isolated and purified by column chromatographies on silica gel and preparative HPLC. Their structures were identified by physiochemical properties and NMR data analysis as lupeol (1), euphol (2), cassipourol(3) , 24-methylenecycloartan-3beta-ol (4),(More)
La<inf>3</inf>Ga<inf>5.5</inf>Nb<inf>0.5</inf>O<inf>14</inf> (LGN) and La<inf>3</inf>Ga<inf>5.5</inf>Ta<inf>0.5</inf>O<inf>14</inf> (LGT) with trigonal 32 symmetry were grown by Czochralski (CZ) method. High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction (HRXRD) measurement was carried out on the as-grown LGN and LGT crystals for crystal quality evaluation. Frequency(More)
Silica gel column chromatography and preparative HPLC were applied to isolate the chemical constituents from the roots of Ixeris chinensis. Fifteen compounds were isolated and their structures were elucidated by the physicochemical properties and spectral analysis as chinensioide G(1), chinensioide B(2), 10α-hydroxy-guaia-12,6-lactone-3-keton(3),(More)