Shu-hui Zhang

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Chemical synaptic transmission is central to the brain functions. In this regard, real-time monitoring of chemical synaptic transmission during neuronal communication remains a great challenge. In this work, in vivo-like oriented neural networks between superior cervical ganglion (SCG) neurons and their effector smooth muscle cells (SMC) were assembled in a(More)
—The adjustment of the industrial structure in metropolis emergency water source reserve correlates the safety of drinking water. The industrial agglomeration is an important basis for the adjustment of the industrial structure and layout. Taking the manufacturing industries in Pinggu District, Beijing City as an example, and using three indicators, which(More)
We predict a novel quantum interference based on the negative refraction across a semiconductor P-N junction: with a local pump on one side of the junction, the response of a local probe on the other side behaves as if the disturbance emanates not from the pump but instead from its mirror image about the junction. This phenomenon is guaranteed by(More)
Chemical neurotransmission occurs at chemical synapses and endocrine glands, but up to now there was no means for direct monitoring of neurotransmitter exocytosis fluxes and their precise kinetics from inside an individual synapse. The fabrication of a novel finite conical nanoelectrode is reported perfectly suited in size and electrochemical properties for(More)
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