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This research investigates the relationships between knowledge sharing, absorptive capacity, and innovation capability in Taiwan's knowledge-intensive industries. We propose statistical hypotheses and a LISREL model to study these based on the data sampled from 170 Taiwanese firms, including electronic, financial insurance and medical industries, yielding(More)
Online group buying is an effective marketing method. By using online group buying, customers get unbelievable discounts on premium products and services. This not only meets customer demand, but also helps sellers to find new ways to sell products sales and open up new business models, all parties benefit in these transactions. During these bleak economic(More)
Knowledge is a very important resource for preserving valuable heritage, learning new things, solving problems, creating core competences, and initiating new situations for both individual and organizations now and in the future. Knowledge sharing may be a power to encourage knowledge exchange and creation in the organizations in order to recognize their(More)
Keywords: Foreign exchange rate Category stock indexes Co-movement Portfolio Data mining Association rules a b s t r a c t The foreign exchange market is one of the biggest markets in the global financial capital market. With current trends toward financial capital globalization, it is becoming more important to understand the co-movement of foreign(More)
This study proposes a capillary dielectrophoretic chip to separate blood cells from a drop of whole blood (approximately 1 μl) sample using negative dielectrophoretic force. The separating efficiency was evaluated by analyzing the image before and after dielectrophoretic force manipulation. Blood samples with various hematocrits (10%-60%) were tested with(More)