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In semi-arid areas on the Western Loess Plateau, China, crop growth has been greatly limited by water supply. The comparative wet season in the region runs from July through September, and about 60 % of the yearly precipitation total falls within this period. Rainfall is very sparse from November of the preceding year through June of the following year.(More)
This study was conducted to explore the changes in soil microbial populations, enzyme activity, and tuber yield under the rotation sequences of Potato-Common vetch (P-C), Potato-Black medic (P-B) and Potato-Longdong alfalfa (P-L) in a semi-arid area of China. The study also determined the effects of continuous potato cropping (without legumes) on the above(More)
Field experiments were conducted to study the effects of limited supplemental irrigation with catchment rainfall on the growth of potato cultivars Daxiyang and Tongshu 23 in rainfed areas of western Loess Plateau. Supplemental irrigation with catchment rainfall at seedling stage increased the potato yield significantly, and the increment was higher for(More)
Taking squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) variety Alan as test object, this paper studied the effects of exogenous Ca2+ on the morphological and photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophyll fluorescent parameters of squash seedlings under the cross-stress of high temperature and strong light. Under the stress, applying 5-20 mmol x L(-1) of Ca2+ increased the(More)
The study of squash seedlings' morphological and photosynthetic physiological characteristics under different shading showed that under 60% light transmittance, their relative growth rate, net photosynthetic rate (Pn), stomatal conductance (Gs), transpiration rate (EVAP), water use efficiency (WUE), saturation steam pressure (MBR), apparent quantum yield of(More)
Knowledge about fungi diversity following different planting patterns could improve our understanding of soil processes and thus help us to develop sustainable management strategies. The objective of this study was to determine the impact of different furrow-ridge mulching techniques on fungal diversity in rhizosphere soil under continuous cropping system.(More)
Developing new catalytic technologies through C-H bond activation to synthesize versatile pharmaceuticals has attracted much attention in recent decades. This work introduces a new strategy in catalyst design for Pd(ii)-catalyzed C-H bond activation in which non-redox metal ions serving as Lewis acids play significant roles. In the oxidative coupling of(More)
This paper studied the effects of different film mulch and ridge-furrow cropping patterns on the yield formation and water translocation of rainfed potato in the semi-arid area of west Loess Plateau. Comparing with those under traditional harrowed bedding without film mulch (T1), the potato yield under harrowed bedding with film mulching (T2), completely(More)
In Wacker oxidation and inspired Pd(ii)/Cu(ii)-catalyzed C-H activations, copper(ii) is believed to serve in re-oxidizing of Pd(0) in the catalytic cycle. Herein we report that non-redox metal ions like Sc(iii) can promote Wacker-type oxidations even better than Cu(ii); both Sc(iii) and Cu(ii) can greatly promote Pd(ii)-catalyzed olefin isomerization in(More)
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