Shu-han Cheng

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Chalcone synthase (CHS) catalyses the first and key regulatory step of flavonoid biosynthetic pathway. A chalcone synthase gene was isolated from Ginkgo biloba leaves using the method of rapid amplification of the cDNA ends (RACE). The full-length cDNA, designated as GbCHS2, is 1,608 bp in length (GenBank accession No. DQ054841) and contains an open reading(More)
Big graph computing can be performed over a single node, using recent systems such as GraphChi and XStream. Breadth-first graph search (a.k.a., BFS) has a pattern of marking each vertex only once as “visited” and then not using them in further computations. Existing single-server graph computing systems fail to take advantage of such access(More)
Large-scale graphs can be analyzed by lightweight systems on a single server, e.g., GraphChi, X-Stream, and Grid-Graph. Studies indicate that graph algorithms have different performance impacted by partitioning schemes, scheduling strategies and execution models. Existing systems of singleserver graph processing often suffer from poor I/O locality,(More)
The chloroplast ATP synthase (ATPase) utilizes the energy of a transmembrane electrochemical proton gradient to drive the synthesis of ATP from ADP and phosphate. The chloroplast ATPase α and β subunits are the essential components of multisubunit protein complex. In this paper, the full-length cDNA and genomic DNA of ATPase α (designated as GbatpA) and β(More)
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