Shu-chen Ou

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This article reports key findings of a study which investigated the use of technology by 569 ‘digital natives’ students for English Language learning and recreational purposes. Their views on the applicability of technological tools such as facebook, blogging and skype for English Language teaching and learning were also investigated. The findings showed(More)
This study investigates the effect of perceptual training on the learning of non-native lexical stress contrast. Nineteen participants who speak Mandarin or Taiwanese as their native language and have acquired English as a foreign language for an average of 7.2 years attended a perceptual training course to learn to identify English disyllabic nouns and(More)
The study investigates the effect of stress on English word recognition by speakers of lexical tone and lexical pitch accent languages. Two on-line tasks that involved Taiwan Mandarin and Japanese speakers as test subjects and English natives as controls were conducted: (i) a uni-modal lexical decision task and (ii) a cross-modal priming and lexical(More)
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