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[Explore the spatial and temporal patterns of water pollution in the Yincungang canal of the Lake Taihu basin, China].
Two high-density snap-shot samplings were conducted along the Yincungang canal, one important tributary of the Lake Tai, in April (low flow period) and June (high flow period) of 2010. GeostatisticalExpand
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Effects of long-term coastal reclamation on suitable habitat and wintering population size of the endangered Red-crowned Crane, Grus japonensis
Exploring how suitable habitat and population size of Red-crowned crane Grus japonensis respond to long-term coastal reclamation plays an important role in species conservation and in related coastalExpand
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Differential contribution of frugivorous birds to dispersal patterns of the endangered Chinese yew (Taxus chinensis)
The contribution of forest generalists and specialists to the dispersal pattern of tree species is not well understood. Specialists are considered low-quality dispersers because their dispersalExpand
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Diversity of soil microbial community identified by Biolog method and the associated soil characteristics on reclaimed Scirpus mariqueter wetlands
We examined how various soil characteristics are associated with Scirpus mariqueter growth and spatial heterogeneity in Shanghai Nanhui Dongtan wetlands and addressed a major knowledge gap regardingExpand
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Theory of scale-dependent feedback: An experimental validation and its significance for coastal saltmarsh restoration.
Theory of self-organization, i.e., scale-dependent feedback (SDF), has been widely used to explain mechanisms of spatial patterns in different ecosystems. Studies have demonstrated thatExpand
Assessing the hazards of trace metals in different land use types around a coastal wetland nature reserve in China
An understanding of trace metal pollution due to reclamation activities around Yancheng National Nature Reserve is important for the utilisation and management of the reserve and surrounding coastalExpand
Sources and ecological risk assessment of the seawater potentially toxic elements in Yangtze River Estuary during 2009–2018
The purpose of this paper is to understand the sources of potentially toxic elements (PTE) and provide some suggestions to control PTE pollution. For this purpose, data from 30 monitoring stationsExpand