Shu-Yuen Didi Yao

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Scalable storage architectures allow for the addition of disks to increase storage capacity and/or bandwidth. In its general form, disk scaling also refers to disk removals when either capacity needs to be conserved or old disk drives are retired. Assuming random placement of blocks on multiple nodes of a continuous media server, our optimization objective(More)
—We describe and evaluate the implementation of a streaming media system called Yima, which consists of a scal-able continuous media server and client components. We report on the real-life experiences that we gained from streaming near NTSC quality video and audio to residential locations within a metropolitan area. We investigated the feasibility of such(More)
Immersive environments are those that surround users in an artificial world. These environments consist of a composition of various types of immersidata: unique data types that are combined to render a virtual experience. Acquisition, for storage and future querying, of information describing sessions in these environments is challenging because of the(More)
Scalable storage architectures enable digital libraries and archives for the addition or removal of storage devices to increase storage capacity and bandwidth or retire older devices. Past work in this area have mainly focused on statically scaling homogeneous storage devices. However, heterogeneous devices are quickly being adopted for storage scaling(More)
Scalable storage architectures allow for the addition or removal of storage devices to increase storage capacity and bandwidth or retire older devices. Assuming random placement of data objects across multiple storage devices of a storage pool, our optimization objective is to redistribute a minimum number of objects after scaling the pool. In addition, a(More)
Yima is a scalable, real-time streaming architecture that enables applications such as video-on-demand and distance learning on a large scale. While Yima incorporates lessons learned from first generation research prototypes, it also complies with industry standards in content format (MPEG-4) and communication protocols (RTP/RTSP). Yima improves upon both(More)
SUMMARY Over the last decade research has been pursued on all aspects of streaming media. While many theoretical results have been reported in the literature, few performance results of large-scale systems have been published. In this report we specifically explore the scalability aspects of our Yima streaming media architecture in an end-to-end test(More)
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