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ARHI is a Ras-related small G-protein with a novel N-terminal extension that inhibits growth of ovarian and breast cancers
Deletion of ARHI's unique N-terminal extension nearly abolished its inhibitory effect on cell growth, suggesting its importance in AR HI's inhibitory function.
Thermoanaerobacterium aotearoense sp. nov., a Slightly Acidophilic, Anaerobic Thermophile Isolated from Various Hot Springs in New Zealand, and Emendation of the Genus Thermoanaerobacterium
It is proposed that strain JW/SL-NZ613T (T = type strain) and five similar strains isolated from samples collected in New Zealand represent a new species, Thermoanaerobacterium aotearoense, based on properties such as formation of elemental sulfur from thiosulfate, growth at acidic pH values at elevated temperatures, and the results of a 16S rRNA sequence comparison performed.
Distribution of a transposon-like element carrying bla(CMY-2) among Salmonella and other Enterobacteriaceae.
All the bla(CMY-2) genes identified in the present study were associated with a specific transposon-like element that may be responsible for the spread of bla-2 among Enterobacteriaceae.
Resveratrol alleviates motor and cognitive deficits and neuropathology in the A53T α-synuclein mouse model of Parkinson's disease.
Evidence that RV treatment alleviated motor and cognitive deficits in the A53T α-synuclein mouse model of PD in a dose-dependent manner and the beneficial effects of RV against PD resulted from inhibiting α- Synuclein aggregation and cytotoxicity, lowering the levels of total α- synuclein and oligomers, reducing neuroinflammation and oxidative stress.
Study on the anthraquinones separated from the cultivation of Trichoderma harzianum strain Th-R16 and their biological activity.
Six anthraquinones were purified from Trichoderma harzianum strain Th-R16 to evaluate their biological activities, and low yield compounds, like 1,5-dihydroxy-3-hydroxymethyl-9,10-anthraquinone, were found to be more active against fungal pathogens than pachybasin and crysophanol, which were finding to be the major extracellular metabolites.
Cloning and sequence analysis of genome from the Inner Mongolia strain of the endogenous betaretroviruses (enJSRV)
The enJSRV-NM region was 90%-98% identical at the amino acid level to its exogenous infectious counterparts in most of the retroviral genome, which is the first nucleotide sequence of enJ SRV reported in P.R China.
Proteomic study of biocontrol mechanisms of Trichoderma harzianum ETS 323 in response to Rhizoctonia solani.
An in vivo interaction between them was mimicked and not only the secreted cell wall-degrading enzymes but also all of the proteome were investigated, and a possible mechanism was proposed to elucidate how the cell walls of R. solani are systematically enveloped and disintegrated.