Shu-Ying Chen

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We propose a protein secondary structure prediction method based on position-specific scoring matrix (PSSM) profiles and four physicochemical features including conformation parameters, net charges, hydrophobic, and side chain mass. First, the SVM with the optimal window size and the optimal parameters of the kernel function is found. Then, we train the SVM(More)
Sepsis can cause myocardial dysfunction, which contributes to the high mortality of sepsis. Hypertonic saline (HS) has been reported to increase myocardial contractility in sepsis. In the present study, mechanisms of action of HS resuscitation (4 mL of 7.5% NaCl per kilogram) on cardiac function have been evaluated in septic rats. HS was administered 1 h(More)
This paper proposes an on-line version of the Sympson and Hetter procedure with test overlap control (SHT) that can provide item exposure control at both the item and test levels on the fly without iterative simulations. The on-line procedure is similar to the SHT procedure in that exposure parameters are used for simultaneous control of item exposure rates(More)
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