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BACKGROUND Gastric cancer is a leading causes of cancer-related deaths ,but the underlying molecular mechanisms of its progression are largely unknown. Differentiated embryonic chondrocyte-expressed gene 1 (DEC1), is an important transcription factor involved in the progression of tumors and has recently been identified to be strongly inducible by hypoxia.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate polymorphism distribution of the 5 Y-SNP loci in Jinan Han population, and evaluate their potential in forensic application. METHODS Genotyping of 5 Y-SNP loci (M89, M9, M122, M134, M95) were executed in the sample of 103 unrelated Chinese male individuals in Jinan Han population by using fragment length discrepant allele specific(More)
To search polymorphic biallelic markers on human Y chromosome in Chinese Shandong Han population, calculate their allele and haplogroup frequency and obtain their population genetic data. Methods Genotyping of 5 biallelic markers on human Y chromosome (M9, M89, M95, M122, M134) were carried out in a sample of 302 unrelated Chinese male individuals living in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the genetic polymorphisms of 19 STR Loci in Shandong Han population in order to provide the genetic data for paternity testing. METHODS The genotypes of 205 unrelated individuals in Shandong Han population were typed by Goldeneye 20A kit to get the allele frequencies and population genetic parameters of 19 STR loci. Four kits,(More)
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