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The gracilis muscle model was used either as a denervated muscle in situ or as a transplanted flap in 273 rats to compare the trophic effects of muscle reinnervation and neurotization using sensory and motor nerves. The average gracilis muscle flap weighed 626 +/- 94 mg at the time of the initial procedure. Experimental muscles were examined 6 months(More)
A new electronic system has been developed to trace the location and movement of small animals in an open-field environment. The system, incorporated with a conventional touch panel position sensor (TPPS) and an IBM AT compatible computer, automtically digitizes and records the moving path of the animal. The detection principle of the TPPS is based on the(More)
Periosteum is a promising tissue engineering scaffold in research of cartilage repair; so far however, periosteum transfers have not been realized successfully because of insufficient nourishment of the graft. In a translational approach we, for the first time, designed a vascularized periosteum flap as 'independent' biomaterial with its own blood supply to(More)
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