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—We propose a new blind multiuser signal model and detection framework for solving the near-far problem in synchronous CDMA in this paper. Compared with existing blind detectors, the proposed framework requires a minimum number of previously received signals, which is about the number of interfering users, and no sub-space separation or sequence estimation.(More)
While numerous algorithms have been proposed for object tracking with demonstrated success, it remains a challenging problem for a tracker to handle large change in scale, motion, shape deformation with occlusion. One of the main reasons is the lack of effective image representation to account for appearance variation. Most trackers use high-level(More)
Tumor suppressor genes are frequently silenced in cancer cells by enzymes catalyzing epigenetic histone modifications. The peptidylarginine deiminase family member PAD4 (also called PADI4) is markedly overexpressed in a majority of human cancers, suggesting that PAD4 is a putative target for cancer treatment. Here, we have generated novel PAD inhibitors(More)
MOTIVATIONS Biclustering is a clustering method that simultaneously clusters both the domain and range of a relation. A challenge in multiple sequence alignment (MSA) is that the alignment of sequences is often intended to reveal groups of conserved functional subsequences. Simultaneously, the grouping of the sequences can impact the alignment; precisely(More)
Anomaly detection in crowd scene is very important because of more concern with people safety in public place. This paper presents an approach to automatically detect abnormal behavior in crowd scene. For this purpose, instead of tracking every person, KLT corners are extracted as feature points to represent moving objects and tracked by optical flow(More)
Although static sensor nodes have low computation and communication capabilities, they have specific properties, and can acquire stable neighboring nodes’ information, which can be used for detection of anomalies in networking and behaviors of the neighbor nodes, thus providing security for Wireless sensor networks. In many attacks against sensor(More)