Shu-Tsung Chao

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The development of computers and Internet has exploded in the last few years. The digital images are distributed and duplicated easily through WWW, thus the protection of the intellectual property rights of digital images becomes an important issue. In this paper, we proposed two techniques that are robust watermarking and image authentication scheme. The(More)
The purpose of this study is to examine why both parties (industry and consumer market) have mutual interests in protecting the environment but they still are hesitant to act green. The study used two-stage sampling from consumer market to depict ideal green product characteristics and reliable toy companies, and visit these companies for the second sample(More)
Fractal image compression is promising both theoretically and practically. The encoding speed of the traditional full search method is a key factor rendering the fractal image compression unsuitable for real-time application. The primary objective of this paper is to investigate the comprehensive coverage of the principles and techniques of fractal image(More)
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