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The performance of uniform and nonuniform detector arrays for application to the PANOPTES (processing arrays of Nyquist-limited observations to produce a thin electro-optic sensor) flat camera design is analyzed for measurement noise environments including quantization noise and Gaussian and Poisson processes. Image data acquired from a commercial camera(More)
Analysis of adaptive filters positioned after FSK demodulators and the statistics of their non-Gaussian noise environment are used to extend previous analytical and simulation studies. Equalization of multipath channels for FSK signals is typically accomplished with an adaptive filter at the receiver before demodulation. Motivated by a desire to reduce(More)
The interconnection delay of pre-fabricated design style dominates circuit delay due to the heavily downstream capacitance. Buffer insertion is a widely used technique to split off a long wire into several buffered wire segments for circuit performance improvement. In this paper, we are motivated to investigate the buffer insertion issues in LUT-based(More)
Although the use of CMA filters to equalize multipath channels for FSK signals is well understood, empirical tests have suggested that in some environments an LMS filter positioned after the demodulator could provide similar performance improvement with lower computational cost. Theoretical analysis of this nonlinear configuration has been hindered by the(More)
Using a set of low resolution images with sub-pixel shifts to reconstruct a high resolution less aliased image requires both interleaving of the image samples at the effectively higher sampling rate and deconvolution of the blur introduced by pixel sensor averaging. When measurement noise is low and knowledge of sub-pixel shift values is accurate,(More)
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