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The recent advancement of motion recognition using Microsoft Kinect stimulates many new ideas in motion capture and virtual reality applications. Utilizing a pattern recognition algorithm, Kinect can determine the positions of different body parts from the user. However, due to the use of a single-depth camera, recognition accuracy drops significantly when(More)
A computational model of the entire cardiovascular system is established based on multi-scale modeling, where the arterial tree is described by a one-dimensional model coupled with a lumped parameter description of the remainder. The resultant multi-scale model forms a closed loop, thus placing arterial wave propagation into a global hemodynamic(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome develops in a small subset of patients following carotid artery surgery (CAS) performed to treat severe carotid artery stenosis. This syndrome has been found to have a close correlation with cerebral hyperperfusion occurring after CAS. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether and how the anatomy of the(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method to compose physically-based character controllers in low dimensional latent space. Source controllers are created by gradually updating the task parameter such as the external force applied to the body. During the optimization, instead of only saving the optimal controllers, we also keep a large number of non-optimal(More)
—The low-cost gyro-accelerometer based controllers have opened up a potential of using 3D computer games for serious applications such as sports and vocational training. Previous games apply simple template matching for the motion recognition which suffers from poor accuracy and time lag. In order to cope with these problems, we propose a novel dual buffer(More)
A variety of methods have been proposed to noninvasively assess arterial stiffness using single or multiple oscillometric cuffs. A common pitfall of most of such methods is that the individual-specific accuracy of assessment is not clearly known due to an insufficient understanding of the relationships between the characteristics of cuff oscillometry and(More)
In the medical ultrasound field, microbubbles have recently been the subject of much interest. Controlling actively the effect of the microbubbles, a novel therapeutic method has been investigated. In this paper, our works on high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) lithotripsy with cavitating microbubbles are reviewed and the cavitation detection method to(More)
We present a mathematical model for pre-fusion interaction between an influenza virus and a healthy cell. The model describes the role of the force exerted by Hemaglutinin (HA) protein clusters in bringing the viral membrane in close contact with the host cell membrane, as a first step of the fusion process between the two membranes. We model the viral(More)