Shu-Shin Chin

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There are many applications in which particle filters outperform traditional signal processing algorithms. Some of these applications include tracking, joint detection and estimation in wireless communication, and computer vision. However, particle filters are not used in practice for these applications mainly because they cannot satisfy real-time(More)
This paper presents a delay constraint power minimization technique for logic incorporating dual supply voltages. The power is reduced by selecting supply voltage according to switching activity of the subunits. The technique employs energy and delay models of arithmetic units with array structure. The supply voltage is selected to reduce power consumption(More)
A novel supply voltage switching mechanism for reducing power dissipation of array structures is presented. The mechanism eliminates power dissipated by the glitching while it maintains the speed. The mechanism can be applied to either fully combinational or pipelined array structures such as parallel multipliers and/or CORDICs. The mechanism is easily(More)
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