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The electrophysiological responses of 162 tectal cells to computer-generated visual stimuli were extracellularly recorded from 24 homing pigeons before and after injecting either lidocaine or N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) into the nucleus isthmi pars magnocellularis (Imc) or the nucleus isthmi pars parvocellularis (Ipc). Micro-injections of lidocaine into Imc(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the protective effect of human 14-3-3 γ gene transfer on dopaminergic cells against rotenone-induced injury. METHODS Adenovirus vector carrying the gene of 14-3-3 γ (Ad/14-3-3 γ) was employed to transfect PC12 cells. Then the cells were exposed to rotenone as a model of Parkinson's disease. Methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium (MTT) was used(More)
Nicotine adenine dinucleotide phosphate-dia- phorase staining was used to study nitric oxide synthase activity and distribution in the midbrain visual structures of white leghorn chick embryos and post-hatched chickens. Enzyme staining first appeared in the isthmic region at the tenth embryonic day (E10) in the neuropil of the nucleus isthmi, pars(More)
We aim to investigate the pathological temporospatial characteristics of brain cell injury in the perihematomal areas. Brain autopsy samples from 44 consecutive cases of intracerebral hemorrhage were processed and analyzed following immunohistochemical staining for neurofilament (NF) and glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP). NF and GFAP positive cells(More)
Performances of a far-ultraviolet (FUV) imaging spectrometer in an advanced design are presented with a toroidal uniform-line-space (TULS) grating. It provides high spatial resolution and spectral resolution for a broadband and a wide field of view. A particular analysis for the grating aberrations, including all the high-order coefficients neglected by(More)
Based on the geometrical aberration theory, a optimum-design method for designing an imaging spectrometer based on toroidal uniform grating spectrometer is proposed. To obtain the best optical parameters, twice optimization is carried out using genetic algorithm(GA) and optical design software ZEMAX A far-ultraviolet(FUV) imaging spectrometer is designed(More)
An image domain approach to the interpretation of visible moiré phenomena in repetitive grating multiplicative superposition has been proposed. The local frequency method provides the instantaneous period and orientation of generated moiré. These parameters of the moiré have been sorted into real and pseudo patterns by the Fourier expansions analysis. With(More)
The far ultraviolet imaging spectrometer with grating dispersion is mainly used in the detection of the ionosphere, thermosphere, auroral zone and glow zone. It is important for the study and application of the remote sensing of atmosphere in China. We designed two optical systems for the far ultraviolet imaging spectrometer, and obtained the plane grating(More)
A high resolution vacuum ultraviolet imaging spectrometer prototype carried by satellite applied to the atmosphere detection of particles distribution in 115-300 nm was developed for remote sensing. First, based on the analysis of advanced loads, the optical system including an off-axis parabolic mirror as the telescope and Czerny-Turner structure as the(More)