Shu-Qing Liu

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Based on the principle of innovative alliance formation process of virtual enterprise cooperative projects, the risk management models including the process of brainchild project market risk and virtual enterprise project cooperation design, co-manufacturing process, and co-marketing process are established. Also, their risk factors definition,(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the expression of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in elderly patients with diabetes and dementia and to analyze the expression mechanism. A total of 30 senior patients with diabetes and dementia (group A), 30 senior patients with dementia but no diabetes (group B), 30 senior patients with diabetes but no dementia(More)
To foster innovation and competition, an increasing number of software teams are becoming distributed. Such distribution makes continuous collaboration and continuous awareness support a necessity and also a great challenge. Traditional desktop-based approaches are insufficient for the requirements of continuous awareness. In practical process of software(More)
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