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This paper proposes an enhanced privacypreserving data aggregation scheme, which balances the onerous task of extracting reasonable data value and preserving data privacy even with incomplete or malicious data presentence. We propose an innovative encryption algorithm to preserve data privacy while it can provide secure data comparison between the encrypted(More)
Private database query (PDQ) processing has received much attention from the fields of both cryptography and databases. While previous approaches to design PDQ protocols exploit several cryptographic tools concurrently, recently the appearance of fully homomorphic encryp-tion (FHE) schemes enables us to design PDQ protocols without the aid of additional(More)
Enterprise cloud tenants would store their outsourced cloud data in encrypted form for data privacy and security. However, flexible data access functions such as data searching is usually sacrificed as a result. Thus, enterprise tenants demand secure data retrieval and computation solution from the cloud provider, which will allow them to utilize cloud(More)
With more applications moving to cloud, scalable storage systems, composed of a cluster of storage servers and gateways, are deployed as the back-end infrastructure to accommodate high-volume data. In such an environment, it is a challenge to provide predictable and controllable storage performance for multitenanted users with multiple applications, due to(More)
Data aggregation is generally used to reduce data streams and save energy consumption in cluster-based wireless sensor networks (CWSNs). However the vulnerable deployment environment of CWSN challenge the data aggregation in terms of data privacy and resiliency. If a node or a group of nodes are compromised or the sensing environment is manipulated by an(More)
Large volumes of customers' information is routinely collected and stored on various of e-service platforms. Data analysis on these data could help decipher the information that truly counts, and it further uncovers hidden patterns, unknown correlations and comprehensive overview for better decision making. However, customers' personal privacy breaches(More)