Shu Qin Ren

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Physical exercise could exert a neuroprotective effect in both clinical studies and animal experiments. A series of related studies have indicated that physical exercise could reduce infarct volume, alleviate neurological deficits, decrease blood-brain barrier dysfunction, promote angiogenesis in cerebral vascular system and increase the survival rate after(More)
Private database query (PDQ) processing has received much attention from the fields of both cryptography and databases. While previous approaches to design PDQ protocols exploit several cryptographic tools concurrently, recently the appearance of fully homomorphic encryp-tion (FHE) schemes enables us to design PDQ protocols without the aid of additional(More)
Artificial nanocomposite structures offer a pathway to the development of engineered materials with novel macroscopic properties. Manufacturing the composite materials in a highly efficient yet precise manner remains a challenge and self-assembly of functional nanomaterials offers an attractive solution. In this paper, shape-persistent three-dimensional(More)