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With the development of the NAND-Flash technology, NAND-Flash based Solid-State Disk (SSD) has been attracting a great deal of attention from both industry and academia. While a range of SSD research topics, from interface techniques to buffer management and Flash Translation Layer (FTL), from performance to endurance and energy efficiency, have been(More)
For bicultural individuals, visual cues of a setting's cultural expectations can activate associated representations, switching the frames that guide their judgments. Research suggests that cultural cues may affect judgments through automatic priming, but has yet to investigate consequences for linguistic performance. The present studies investigate the(More)
Flash Translation Layer (FTL) is one of the most important components of SSD, whose main purpose is to perform logical to physical address translation in a way that is suitable to the unique physical characteristics of the Flash memory technology. The pure page-mapping FTL scheme, arguably the best FTL scheme due to its ability to map any logical page(More)
In 5 studies, we investigated the relation between regulatory focus and the tendency to copy a role model's managing behavior after one experiences this behavior as its recipient and later takes on the same managing role. Because enacting role-related behaviors fulfills interpersonal norms that fit prevention concerns, we predicted a stronger tendency to(More)
Prevention-focused individuals are motivated to maintain the status quo. Given this, we predicted that individuals with a strong prevention focus, either as a chronic predisposition or situationally induced, would treat their initial decision on how to behave on a first task as the status quo and would thus be motivated to repeat that decision on a(More)
Extending research on voluntary turnover in the team setting, this study adopts a multilevel self-determination theoretical approach to examine the unique roles of individual and social-contextual motivational precursors, autonomy orientation and autonomy support, in reducing team member voluntary turnover. Analysis of multilevel time-lagged data collected(More)
In this thesis, two music accompaniment systems are presented. Evac (the evolutionary accompanist) is a system that engages in musical improvisation with the user. It uses a novel, implicitly interactive, genetic algorithm (GA), which allows the user's actions to influence Evac's musical performance without the need for explicit rating of individuals. Evac(More)
This paper describes DSFS, a decentralized security system for large parallel file system. DSFS stores global access control lists (ACLs) in a centralized decision-making server and pushes pre-authorization lists (PALs) into storage devices. Thus DSFS allows users to flexibly set any access control policy for the global ACL or even change the global ACL(More)