Shu-Ping Chang

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Distributed stream processing systems (DSPSs) have many important applications such as sensor data analysis, network security, and business intelligence. Failure management is essential for DSPSs that often require highly-available system operations. In this paper, we explore a new predictive failure management approach that employs online failure(More)
In this paper, we present a new online failure forecast system to achieve predictive failure management for fault-tolerant data stream processing. Different from previous reactive or proactive approaches, predictive failure management employs failure forecast to perform informed and just-in-time preventive actions on abnormal components only. We employ(More)
Sequential analysis tests the statistical significance of the sequential relationship between acts. This method of analysis has been widely used in pedagogical scholarship; however, it has not yet been applied to the study of language teaching. This study uses sequential analysis to examine the different instructional methods among nine instructors of(More)
We provide a timing-driven routing algorithm which is top-down partitioning followed by the bottom-up routing among the obstacles for each sub-region. The objective simultaneously minimizes the maximum source-to-terminal delay (abbreviated as s-t delay in the paper) and the total wirelength. First, partitioning is used to divide the chip into k(More)
In this paper, we propose a fast, efficient algorithm and the associated VLSI architecture to perform the impulse-noise reduction for image pixels. The algorithm proposed here is developed with the principle that the horizontal and vertical, nearly neighboring pixels are more significantly correlated to a pixel than other distant ones. We conduct a few(More)